3 Ways For Office Workers To Get Fit

Emerging research states that people who sit for extended periods of time increase their risk of metabolic syndrome, stroke, heart attacks, and overall death risks. Working out before or after these long periods of sitting does not undo the damage. Office workers can minimize these risks by:

1. Do at least fifty squats throughout the work day. This can be done in sets or simply by placing your phone and other things that you need often slightly out of reach so you have to stand up multiple times throughout the day. Think about how many times you would have to stand up to get your stapler, paperclips, and answer the phone. It adds up during your day.

2. Keep a light kettlebell, a theraband, and something to grip such as a tennis ball or heavy hand gripper at your desk. Set a timer for every 60 minutes and when it goes off, do a set of any exercise. I like to rotate through squats, pushups, theraband bicep curls, a set of two-handed kettle bell swings, or a set of gripping to fatigue. If time permits, a superset would be a better alternative; especially for someone at an advanced fitness level.

3. I also like to do stretches periodically, especially if I am doing a great deal of reading. I will do seated stretches and then stand up and do lower extremity stretches for my quads, hamstrings, and calves.

You need to have thick-skin to perform these exercises in the work environment. People started looking at me like I had two heads when they would see me doing pushups at my desk. Some people will curiously ask you why you are doing it. I would confidently answer that I am trying to stay in shape and they would eventually drift off. Once you start to get in better shape, your co-workers and bosses will notice. You will become the go-to person for fitness advice. As time goes on, you may become that “weird” fitness guy or gal to your co-workers. You could be called a lot worse. â�º

Keep in mind that adding exercise does not give you a free pass to binge and eat whatever you want. Eat balanced, nutrient-dense meals and you will see great results faster… And skip the Happy Hours every once in a while.

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Recreation and Fitness Workers Have Fun and Fitness While on the Job!

They say that if you love your job, then you will never work a day. You should take into consideration not only the pay that a job can give, but also your interests. Maybe, it will help if you find a job that is never boring, one that benefits you both financially and physically. One example would be a job in the recreational field.

Jobs like dance, gym or yoga instructors fall under the recreational field. And having a job in this field has its ups and downs (then again, what job doesn’t?). Companies in this field promote the health and well-being of their employees (yes, that’s you) by establishing a healthy work environment. Healthy and happy workers are always more productive, especially in this field of work. Besides, nobody would take instruction from gym instructors that aren’t physically fit themselves, right?

Another good thing about a job in this field is that during the summer, your job is in full swing! People have more time on their hands, and dance and many other courses become quite popular with students on their vacation. You will never find yourself still and without work to do. You can make lots of money from instructing, while having fun and keeping yourself fit at the same time.

Now the tricky bit to this job is keeping up with the latest trends in terms of exercise and fitness. Lately, many programs have infused dance steps with exercises to make it more exciting and appealing to younger crowds. You may have to come up with your own set, to distinguish yourself from other instructors that have a different thing to offer.
But with a creative mind and a love for what you do, then you should still have a great time with this line of work.